Every day, the same, again

347.jpgWrangler Debuts Moisturizing Jeans (infused with hydrating oils and butters).

Naked Florida Man Jumps Off Roof Onto Homeowner, Knocks Television Over, Empties Vacuum Cleaner, Masturbates.

Georgia man sues after state refuses to approve ‘GAYGUY’ license plate.

NYPD “Takes Delivery” Of Portable Body Scanners To Detect Concealed Weapons On The Street.

Lawmakers in Ireland Vote to Allow ‘Moderate’ Drunk-Driving.

A new Zara store opens every day, on average.

Scientists Create Gasoline From Plants.

Lying becomes automatic with practice.

Can you fake your personality in a photo?

Do women really like taken men? [PDF]

Tendencies to fall asleep first after sex are associated with greater partner desires for bonding and affection. [PDF]

The effects of facial symmetry and sexually-dimorphic facial proportions on assessments of sexual orientation. [PDF]

New study reveals sex to be pleasurable with or without use of a condom or lubricant.

Preferences for condom placement in stores among young Dutch men and women: relationships with embarrassment and motives for having sex.

If you’ve ever studied genetics in school or college, you’ll know that the structure of DNA is a double helix. According to the researchers, a quadruple helix is also present in some cells and is believed to relate to cancer in some ways.

A patient who could only say the word ‘tan’ after suffering brain damage became one of the most important cases in the history of neuroscience. But the identity of the famously monosyllabic man has only just been revealed.

Hegemonic Masculinity and Mass Murderers in the United States [PDF]

Bad grammar makes good password, research say.

Tumblr now rivals Facebook and Twitter in reach and influence, but it represents everything wrong with the online echo chamber.

How Apple used its money and muscle to kill an iTunes competitor Lala.

At the Consumer Electronic Show two weeks ago, Netflix announced that it would block consumer access to high definition and 3D movies in its new “Super HD” (HD) service for customers of Internet service providers (ISPs) that Netflix disfavors. Netflix’s goal is to coerce ISPs into paying for a free Internet fast lane for Netflix content.

323.jpgA change in Internet traffic patterns over the past week suggests that Cuba may have turned on a fiber-optic submarine cable that links it to the global Internet via Venezuela.

5 types of sociopath invented by the Internet.

China’s first 3D printing museum opens.

The Trials of Art Superdealer Larry Gagosian.

Everything Was Fake but Her Wealth. Ida Wood, who lived for decades as a recluse in a New York City hotel, would have taken her secrets to the grave—if here sister hadn’t gotten there first.

With the spring of a wild beast, he leapt clean over the heads of the very line of soldiers about to fire on him, and, landing behind them, whirling his sword in his left hand, he cut down three of them, but was bayoneted by the fourth.

Joseph Carey Merrick (1862 – 1890) was an English man with severe deformities who was exhibited as a human curiosity named the Elephant Man.

The Five Types of Territorial Morphology.

Just Twenty-Nine Dominoes Could Knock Down the Empire State Building.

Why do golf balls have dimples?

What is it like to be an agent of the U.S. Secret Service?

Retailer Uses CCTV Crime Footage To Promote Sale.

Hard truths from soft cats.

Artist Liu Bolin Hides in Plain Sight.