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875.jpg‘Middle Finger’ Christmas Lights Are Legal, Judge Rules.

Military Must Prep Now for ‘Mutant’ Future, Researchers Warn.

Top 10 Legally Weird Stories of 2012.

33-tonne shark tank explodes in busy shopping centre in Shanghai, leaving 15 injured.

A new study, involving participants in the USA and China, is one of the first to investigate parental lies, finding that the majority of parents tell their children lies as a way to control their behaviour.

Researchers have discovered a powerful antibody in panda blood that could serve as the next frontier in the fight against increasingly prevalent superbugs.

10 reasons why India has a sexual violence problem.

Facebook Paid 0.3% Taxes On $1.34 Billion Profits.

In the virtual world of Second Life, female avatars expose substantially more skin than males, independent of their virtual body proportions, according to research.

This piece argues that the scientific testing of rats and mice – the officially prescribed animals – are not relevant to humans and cannot reliably forecast risks to humans, especially cancer risks.

New species of the year. More creatures, less Latin used to describe them.

Overall this confirms that the great majority of crimes, including violent ones, are not committed by people with mental illness, and that your chance of getting ‘murdered by a lunatic’ is incredibly low.

Mullen compares these mass killings to the Malaysian amok, a recognized “culture-bound syndrome” often defined as a “spree of killing and destruction (as in the expression “run amok”) followed by amnesia or fatigue.”

Amnesia and the Self That Remains When Memory Is Lost.

Pre-Socratic philosophers.

It was Empedocles who established four ultimate elements which make all the structures in the world - fire, air, water, earth. Empedocles never used the term “element,” which seems to have been first used by Plato.

Which 3D printers should you buy?

Does a guy’s mood synchronize with his girlfriend’s menstrual cycle?

Could we speed up Earth’s rotation, so that we do not need Leap Seconds?

Non dovrai dire ad altri quello che ha detto a me!