The midnight wind is blowing Sixth Avenue. These faces.


What is “familiarly known” is not properly known, just for the reason that it is “familiar.” When engaged in the process of knowing, it is the commonest form of self-deception, and a deception of other people as well, to assume something to be familiar, and give assent to it on that very account.

{ Hegel, The Phenomenology of Spirit, 31, 1807 | Continue reading }

And he shot out every street light on the promenade



{ Rambo Coloring & Activity Book }

My pinky ring talk it say ‘50 i’m Sick’


Lindsay Lohan is unhireable. How does she pass the time? She shops. She’ll buy anything (except groceries) and she’ll spend hours looking for it. She takes friends, family, girlfriends, anyone. She loves to shop. Yawn. The only transaction of hers we want to see caught on film is when she goes to her dealer. Deliver some footage of that and we’ll start paying attention.

{ Six Paparazzi Set-Ups We Never Want to See Again | Gawker | Continue reading }

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