‘I just follow my characters around and write what they say.’ –Faulkner


Pitchfork: You co-directed your video for “Vanessa” from the Darkbloom EP. What was the inspiration for it?

G: That was a real K-pop-influenced video. The budget was $60, which all went to alcohol. We literally planned it the night before. I just got a bunch of my friends to drink a lot and was like, “We’re going to do dance moves.” We did it in a couple of hours. I almost didn’t care what it looked like; I just wanted it to look like everyone’s having a good time. I also wanted it to be kind of creepy, too, hence the backward stuff. I want to make a video for every track on Visions, and right now I’m starting one on 35mm for “Oblivion”. It’s going to be sick. All my brother’s friends play varsity sports and are buff, so we’re going to have them spritzed in oil, working out with strobe lights in it.

{ Pitchfork | Interview with Claire Boucher, the 23-year-old singer and producer from Montreal who goes by Grimes | Continue reading | Thanks Colleen }

illustration { Claire Boucher }