New York, sittin’ here

Of the 50 dommes she interviewed in New York, 39 percent had gone to graduate school, including three who attended Columbia University.

The Upper Breast Side is Manhattan’s leading lactation and breastfeeding resource center and retail store with a pun in its name. A valuable resource for befuddled and sore-titted moms.

NYC’s Ten Worst Tenants.

For decades, Chinatown Fair welcomed everyone — misfits, cool kids, world champions, novices, dancers, fighters, strategists, tourists carrying leftover dumplings from their dinner across the street. Then, two weeks ago, it disappeared.

The crown and other interior portions of the Statue of Liberty will temporarily close to the public Nov. 1 to allow for the installation of extra safety features, a spokeswoman for the National Park Service.

Ping-Pong Table Coming to Tompkins Square Park.

Best Business Cards from Around New York’s Tech Scene.

Don Figlozzi, the First TV Animator? Don Figlozzi (1909-81), spent the first half of his career in animation and the second half at the New York Daily News, where his cartoons, signed “Fig,” became a fixture.

An interview with Colleen Nika.

Steven Brahms at 3rd Ward (Friday, March 18).

Tim Davis, The Upstate New York Olympics, 2011

“Women Artists Reconfigure the Signs of Power, 1973-1991” at the Neuberger Museum of Art.

Fireman Reminds You To Set Your Clocks Ahead an Hour.