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Why was Faisal Shahzad permitted to board a flight for Dubai some 24 hours after investigators of the Times Square terrorism case learned he might be connected to the attempted bombing?

The Connecticut man charged with the botched Times Square car bombing confessed to trying to slaughter innocent people in retaliation for US drone attacks.

7 Ways to Protect Times Square–Without Invasive Cameras.

Mayor Bloomberg will head to Washington tomorrow to discuss the current federal loophole that, believe it or not, allows people who are on the FBI’s Terror Watchlist to legally purchase guns and explosives.

A film actor playing a stickup man was almost shot by Long Island cops who thought he was committing a real robbery.

After a dispute with its landlord, Columbia University, over repairs and relocation resulted in Floridita Restaurant’s unexpected closing last Tuesday, the Cuban restaurant stirred back to life this weekend in true island fashion.

Otto Dix at Neue Galerie New York, until Aug. 30, 2010.

related { Jean-Michel Basquiat would have turned 50 this year, had the Brooklyn-born painter not died from a heroin overdose in 1988, at the age of 27. His contemporary and competitor, art provocateur Barbara Kruger, considers his legacy.

Brooklyn 1940’s, Brooklyn 1960’s. [More pics | thanks Greg!]

Jason Florio, NY Gun club [photos]