New York City… You are now rockin w/

8789.jpgMissing Florida boy found in NYC.

Marc Jacobs bookstore on Bleecker. Maybe it’s a stealth Marc Jacobs, like those stealth Starbucks we once heard about. As the Huffington Post mused, “You can imagine where this un-branding campaign could lead. A little neighborhood burger place run by McDonald’s? A little neighborhood hardware store owned by Home Depot? A little neighborhood five-and-dime operated by Wal-Mart?”

The $20,000 worth of sushi that State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. is accused of having bought with money siphoned from a nonprofit he founded is probably a blur to him now.

MoMA’s naked-art exhibit has a growing problem.

Tribeca Fest overview: 132 movies from April 21 to May 2.

Bleecker Street Station 6 Uptown only. [Thanks Glenn!]

Obscura Antiques & Oddities, NYC [Thanks Colleen!]

New waterproof vibrator-in-your-pocket from Babeland.