about 36 months

Three potential futures for Covid-19: recurring small outbreaks, a monster wave, or a persistent crisis

“I’ve been telling everybody that my event horizon is about 36 months, and that’s my best-case scenario,” she said. “I’m quite certain that this is going to go in waves,” she added. “It won’t be a tsunami that comes across America all at once and then retreats all at once. It will be micro-waves that shoot up in Des Moines and then in New Orleans and then in Houston and so on, and it’s going to affect how people think about all kinds of things.” [NY Times]

Deaths in March 2020 vs March 2015-9. Northern Italy +94.9%. Southern Italy +2%. Lombardy +186.5%. Emilia-Romagna +70.1%. Campania -1.9%. Sicily -2.7%. Milan +92.6%. Rome -9.4%.

COVID can come for anyone, but older adults, men, and black people have elevated risk of death

Paul Romer [Nobel Prize-winning economist] on how to survive the chaos how of the coronavirus

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