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1.jpgLevi CEO’s jeans go unwashed for year; no ’skin disease’ yet

New plastic surgery installs ‘internal bra’ under the skin for ‘firm, young-looking breasts’

A proven approach to slow the aging process is dietary restriction, but new research helps explain the action of a drug that appears to mimic that process — rapamycin.

Lori is among several hundred patients taking part in an experiment that gives them electronic access to therapy notes written by their psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.

When a tumor is exposed to chemo, it sends out “SOS” signals to the body. Seeing the tumor as part of itself, the body foolishly rushes to help – in some cases, allowing the tumor to regrow.

A Stanford researcher has discovered a way to charge devices deep within living bodies, potentially opening the gates to embedded sensors and “microimplants” that weren’t possible before.

Dozens of microbial species may have accompanied the Curiosity rover to Mars

How to Urinate in a Spacesuit

Plastic That Can Repair Itself

1,730 cash machines in Poland are to be given ‘Finger Vein’ technology

Shopping online: Why do too many photos confuse consumers?

The Weird World Hidden in Software License Agreements

Time Inc. Starts Selling Ads on Magazine Covers, Breaking Industry Taboo

How Much Does It Cost to Book Your Favorite Band?

Fridge magnet research update: Why the fridge?

Coffee Roasting Acoustic

Perform Mulholland’s mind-reading mystery

kiwis, bird

9/11 Cheese Plate

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Kidnapper sues hostages

A train passenger who was showered in human excrement while using a broken train toilet was offered an umbrella as ‘compensation’.

Relying on a GPS device placed in a decoy pill bottle, police officers tracked an armed man suspected of robbing a pharmacy on Friday afternoon and fatally shot him during a confrontation on the Upper East Side [NY Times]

Nearly 1,800 U.S. law enforcement agencies have dropped the polygraph in favor of newer computer voice stress analyzer (CVSA) technology

Nazarian’s team at Hyde at the Bellagio has put together the “$250,000 Package,” which comes with a 30-liter bottle of Armand de Brignac “Ace of Spades” Champagne and the privilege of flipping the switch to turn on the casino’s famous musical fountains.

Procrastination is a common phenomenon — but new research suggests that “pre-crastination,” hurrying to complete a task as soon as possible, may also be common.

The impact of stress on brain function is increasingly recognized. Various substances are released in response to stress and can influence distinct neuronal circuits, but the functional advantages of having such a diversity of stress mediators remain unclear.

Your brain processes more thoughts and feelings during meditation than when you are simply relaxing.

We found evidence of the cheerleader effect—people seem more attractive in a group than in isolation.

Science fact and fiction behind fat loss (Part 2)

Why Dieting Does Not Usually Work

The Case for Junk DNA

Jellyfish are the most energy efficient swimmers, new metric confirms

Yes, Your Internet Is Getting Slower

The Mathematics Of Murder: Should A Robot Sacrifice Your Life To Save Two?

The Robot Car of Tomorrow May Just Be Programmed to Hit You

Square is the latest example of a struggling industry segment that may never take off. Mobile Wallets Are Doomed

The Curious Case of the $2 Bill

The leaked New York Times innovation report is one of the key documents of this media age

Aldous Huxley and Christopher Isherwood: Writing the Script for Gay Liberation

Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, and Bryant Park used to be cemeteries. There are 20,000 bodies buried in Washington Square Park alone. Central Park is larger than the principality of Monaco. It takes 75,000 trees to print a Sunday edition of the New York Times. 41 random facts about New York
For those of you looking for some problems and puzzles to brood over

Forget the 3D Printer: 4D Printing Could Change Everything

Beauty micrometer

Correction fluid and permanent marker on September 2007 issue of Vogue Magazine

Strip box

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2.jpgScientists have discovered a single gene that can boost a person’s IQ by about six points

Why Every Racist Mentions Their Black Friend

Arguing Too Much Increases Premature Death Risk: Study

Birth of new brain cells might erase babies’ memories

What doesn’t kill you may make you live longer: McGill research finds unexpected link between cell suicide and longevity

What does not kill me makes me stronger: Study suggests improved survivorship in the aftermath of the medieval Black Death)

Things You Cannot Unsee (and What That Says About Your Brain)

Microprocessors configured more like brains than traditional chips could soon make computers far more astute about what’s going on around them.

Any time you email somebody who uses GMail, Google has that email.

Taking a photo against a white background? Amazon owns the patent on that

Transform any text into a patent application

Anti-Surveillance Mask Lets You Pass As Someone Else

Firms almost never have enough data to justify their belief that ads work

The true story of Phineas Gage, Neuroscience’s Most Famous Patient.

How 10 Minutes of Mild Exercise Gives Your Brain a Boost

Why Don’t We Eat Swans Anymore?

As tweens in the 1990s, before online porn and sex advice were as ubiquitous as they are now, we learned sex from magazines.

He said he was hired with a mandate to clean up the building, which meant “trying to get all those people who were involved with drugs out.” Duarte began by winning the residents’ trust, which he did by hiring the most destructive young male tenants to work for him.

How much would it cost to protect New York City from the next superstorm Sandy?

Google Nest Spoof By German Activists

Boxes for rocks

Woman tattoos herself with her own selfie

Every day, the same, again

232.jpg Brain Injury Turns Man Into Math Genius

Chinese police to patrol streets of Paris to protect high-spending tourists

Can you tell a person’s gender by their video game avatar? According to a new study, a male gamer who chooses to play as a female character will still display signs of his true gender.

“It’s simple, the less stress you have the better your memory.” The facial expression that fights memory loss

A helmet that delivers electro-magnetic impulses to the brain has shown promise in treating people with depression

Lack of sleep not only makes you ugly and sick, it also makes you dumb

A study that was published a few years ago in Nature suggests that indeed our initial inclination is to cooperate with others. We are only selfish if we are allowed to reflect.

What’s the evidence on using rational argument to change people’s minds?

In fact, nearly everyone working in cognitive science is working on an approach that someone else has shown to be hopeless

You might not realize it, but every time you order dinner digitally, you subconsciously order more

How do you price a bottle of milkshake?

Silicon Valley investors and startups are trying to improve our food.

A startup is seeking approval to sell powderized alcohol

Biologists Create Cells With 6 DNA Letters, Instead of Just 4

Controlling fear by modifying DNA

The CIA fostered and promoted American Abstract Expressionist painting around the world for more than 20 years. [Thanks Tim]

An influential report concludes that prohibition and the war on drugs have failed

Brooklyn is getting poorer

10 Most Stressed Out Cities In America

Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault debate, 1971 (full video)

How to be perfect

Chalk Warfare 3.0

Dear Leader Tongue Scraper

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231.jpgArtist who tied a live rooster to his penis found guilty of exhibitionism

Drunken British woman, traveling with her parents, busted for allegedly having loud sex on Las Vegas flight

Geophysicists link fracking boom to increase in earthquakes

You don’t always know what you’re saying. People’s conscious awareness of their speech often comes after they’ve spoken, not before.

People can only recognize two faces in a crowd at a time – even if the faces belong to famous people.

What makes women attractive depends on how healthy the place they live is

Difference between how men and women choose their partners

Two teams of scientists published studies on Sunday showing that blood from young mice reverses aging in old mice, rejuvenating their muscles and brains. [NY Times | Nature]

Bleeding wound? Relax and roll a cigarette

2.2 million Americans are diagnosed with certain types of skin cancer annually, up more than 50% in the past decade

Antibiotic resistance is now rife across the entire globe

Immortality through advanced technology and primitive diet

We investigate why people keep their promises in the absence of external enforcement mechanisms and reputational effects.

In real sex, the man is supposed to place his balls into the woman’s pussy, and then her pussy flexes and crushes the balls.

The Pocket Guide to Bullshit Prevention

Spritz, the materials claim, “reimagines” and “reinvents” reading

How NYC’s gay bars thrived because of the mob

Video Reveals 140 Years Of Change At Specific NYC Locations

Latrine odor judge

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341.jpg Possible Food Poisoning Sickens 100 at Food Safety Summit

The male Y chromosome seems to hold genetic keys that stave off cancer and add years to a man’s life, according to new research.

Stanford study finds walking improves creativity

Using A Foreign Language Changes Moral Decisions

Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men—and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence. [Thanks Tim]

Scientists may have solved one of history’s biggest biomedical mysteries—why the deadly 1918 “Spanish flu” pandemic, which killed perhaps 50 million people worldwide, largely targeted healthy young adults.

The Mathematical Con of Hedge Funds and Financial Advisers

Corporate cash holdings are at the lowest level in 15 years

Vox has a piece claiming that there’s a ‘much better way’ to board planes. Are the airlines just stupid?

What you actually get when the package is labelled “Organic”

Why Is There No Pill For ‘Asian Glow’? Plus, why Esquire’s consequence-free drinking method sounds like total bunk.

10 of the weirdest birth control methods from throughout time. [via gettingsome]

Lab-Grown Organs: Yes. Lab-Grown Meat: No.

Flexible battery, no lithium required

How to Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors

Man With Genius Strategy Poses As Cupcake On Tinder And It Actually Worked [Thanks Tim]

A cardboard cutout of Paris Hilton has a painkilling effect on mice

Why Cats Paint

Every day, the same, again

5.jpgA growing number of women are being arrested for driving while drunk since 2003

People seem to have more heart attacks on Mondays than other days of the week.

Computer scientists have developed the first algorithm that recognizes people’s faces better than you do

Could the menstrual cycle have shaped the evolution of music?

Meta-Analysis of Menstrual Cycle Effects on Women’s Mate Preferences

Predictors of Extra-Marital Partnerships among Women Married to Fishermen

Couples need just 1 conversation to decide not to have children

The age at which you reach reach cognitive performance: 24

The brain pathway that regulates behaviours associated with fear has been discovered, and it could help researchers develop better treatments for anxiety, phobias and panic attacks.

Smoking synthetic marijuana leads to self-mutilation requiring bilateral amputations

One Startup’s Struggle to Survive the Silicon Valley Gold Rush

This 3D printer technology can print a game controller, electronics and all

China: Firm 3D prints 10 full-sized houses in a day

The Design Flaw That Almost Wiped Out an NYC Skyscraper [Thanks Tim]

In NYC, a $185M tunnel that leads nowhere, for now

New York will never stab you in the back. It will, however, stab you multiple times right in your face. [Thanks Tim]

The fastest ways to board a plane are Southwest’s boarding method — where people choose their own seats — or a theoretical boarding method known as the “Steffen method” that’s not currently in use.

Most men who undergo circumcision do not know where their foreskins go after the process.

How the world’s most notorious drug lord was captured

The real reason behind the downfall of the Roman Empire might not have been lead contaminating in the water, which is the most popular theory, but the use of concrete as a building material.

How movies forge great art, legally

Remembering Index Magazine With Peter Halley

The decline and fall of trading as a money maker for giant banks

The scientists say much is still to be learned about sloths - the world’s slowest mammals - as even basic information such as their natural diet and habitat preference remains a mystery.

A Water Bottle You Can Actually Eat

Analogue Website

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34.jpgVancouver has banned doorknobs in all new buildings.

Kidnapped boy sings gospel song until his abductor releases him

Some 437,000 people murdered worldwide in 2012

Why Did Russia Give Away Crimea Sixty Years Ago?

Study: People pay more attention to the upper half of field of vision

Why do We Make Gestures (Even when No One Can See Them)?

Men who started smoking before age 11 had fatter sons

Can casual marijuana use damage the brains of young adults? A new study says yes—but its participants suggest otherwise.

The cognitive cost or benefit of booze depends on your genes, suggests a new study which uses a unique longitudinal data set.

The lunar phases influence all sorts of creatures from cheetahs to eagle owls. Does the moon tug on human behaviour too?

Mathematicians Devise The World’s Most Unusual Typefaces Based On Problems of Computational Geometry

Algorithm Distinguishes Memes from Ordinary Information

If the new line of research is correct, then the story of time’s arrow begins with the quantum mechanical idea that, deep down, nature is inherently uncertain.

New first-class seating units can cost more than half a million dollars each.

What it takes to make a convincing, fake mermaid [Thanks Tim]

Writing philosophy

What it Takes to Cook Some of Literature’s Most Famous Meals

a 3-D Printer for Hyper-Complicated Candy

Warhol works recovered from old Amiga disks [more, thanks Daniel]

Black Cat Auditions in Hollywood (1961)

On the evil of incomplete coitus

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56425.jpg Missing boy existed only on Facebook

Norway’s adult literacy rate is 100% Is Norway paradise for publishers?

New research shows people are thinking about their health early in the week

The more alcoholic drinks customers consumed, the more attractive they thought they were

Uniter of Sperm and Egg Is Found

Scientists discover brain’s anti-distraction system

The researchers were interested in how people jump to conclusions based on limited information. The key part of the experiment was that the participants were fully aware of the setup. [via Mind Hacks]

Syncopation, Body-Movement and Pleasure in Groove Music

Yawning as a brain cooling mechanism

Study suggest that having an increased familial morbid risk for schizophrenia may be the underlying basis for schizophrenia in cannabis users and not cannabis use by itself.

These observations indicate that even causal cannabis use can lead to significant structural changes in key areas of the brain during development, including disruption of how the neurons themselves are organised.

Criminals Using Drones To Find Illegal Cannabis Farms and Steal Crops

Method and apparatus for preserving human and animal remains

Firing a shotgun to calculate the approximate value of π

How the stock market became “rigged”

Dark patterns are deliberate acts of manipulative design whose intent is to push users toward choices that harm their interests.

Google pays Apple $1 billion a year in commissions so that it is the default search engine for iOS devices

Bill Gates vs. Google Glass: Pending patent would thwart video snooping

This isn’t an abnormal use of Google Glass

Bitcoin Creator ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Unmasked–Again?

He won the IgNobel Award in 2000 for levitating a live frog with magnets—and then [won the Nobel] for isolating graphene 10 years later

Jesus in Interaction: The Sociology of Micro-charisma

The Art of Antarctic Cooking

Looks Like Pharrell Ripped Off Brooklynites’ ‘Girl Walk All Day’ Video

Just the thing for a cosy night in

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451.jpg Man sues hospital and doctor after they allegedly forgot to remove his appendix during his appendectomy

The Italian Tourist Board spends 98 percent of its budget on salaries, with basically nothing left for its actual job of tourism promotion. [NY Times]

A British ice cream maker has created a flavor that includes 25 mg of Viagra per scoop. The flavor, titled “The Arousal,” also includes champagne as a key ingredient.

Physicists have confirmed the existence of an exotic particle that cannot be explained by current theories.

How CERN’s discovery of exotic particles may affect astrophysics

Bioengineers created nanoscale robots from DNA strands, injected them into live cockroaches and watched as the bots got to work.

How Neuroscientists in the 1800s Studied Blood Flow in the Brain

Humans can learn new information during sleep (associations between tones and odors)

How to Detect Criminal Gangs Using Mobile Phone Data

How Social Media Users Avoid Getting Turned Into Big Data

Blogger Pulls Off $30,000 Sting to Get Her Stolen Site Back

Writing revealing stories based on unreliable sources

Cindy Sherman on James Franco’s New Show: ‘I Don’t Know That I Can Say It’s Art’

The first emoticon may have appeared in 1648

The Insider Vocabulary of the Art World

Suicides & churches in Seattle, 1928

New visual illusion

Missing flight MH370: Robotic submarine to begin search

Safely Immobilize Children

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43.jpgAn Italian man was sentenced to 6 months in jail because his girlfriend made too much noise during sex.

A 2008 study found that women showed signs of arousal watching pretty much anything: masturbation, straight sex, girl-on-girl, guy-on-guy, bonobo chimps, everything—except pictures of naked men, which did not float a woman’s boat.

Uncontacted Tribes Die Instantly After We Meet Them

Solar power is already so cheap that it competes with oil, diesel and liquefied natural gas in much of Asia without subsidies.

Between a fifth and a third of the wild-caught seafood imported into the United States is caught or trafficked illegally

Australia rules homeopathic remedies useless for human health

New research reveals that lifespan could be affected by how people deal with stress. People who forgive themselves for mistakes are physically healthier than those who obsess over them.

Magnifying the visual size of one׳s own hand modulates pain anticipation and perception, reducing experienced pain

People That Think Social Media Helps Their Work Are Probably Wrong

Too many ‘friends’, too few likes? Evolutionary Psychology and Facebook Depression and Understanding Factors Influencing Users’ Retweeting Behavior [via Bookforum]

44% of Twitter accounts have never sent a tweet

Quora raised $80 million so it can avoid monetization forever… or at least the next two years

Of all the words in the English language, which one has the most meanings? Run.

The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants

Wassily Kandinsky, Dance Curves: On the Dances of Palucca, 1926

Eli Broad: I Would Not Hire Jeffrey Deitch Again

Robert Mapplethorpe having his nipple pierced

‘I want to prove that you can make art with nothing,” Abramovic explained to BBC

He decided to live inside a bear carcass for thirteen days and thirteen nights.

Lets Get Social 2014 [Thanks Tim]

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32.jpgFrench organic winegrower fined for refusing to spray grapes with pesticide

French scientists are working on an acoustic earthquake shield

A fugitive managed to become the finance chief of a Czech Museum, subsequently stole $500,000.

The less Americans know about Ukraine’s location, the more they want U.S. to intervene

Regenerative medicine: For the first time, a mammalian organ has been persuaded to renew itself

Caffeine has a positive effect on tau deposits in Alzheimer’s disease

Tendency to procrastinate is affected by genetic factors, which are also linked to a propensity to be impulsive

Online skim reading is taking over the human brain

The ‘fading affect bias’ (FAB), the tendency for negative emotions to fade away more quickly than positive ones in our memories.

Research suggests that the way people think and act is affected by ceiling height.

If the Universe began with equal amount of matter and antimatter, why does matter dominate today’s cosmos?

Dark Matter May Be Destroying Itself in Milky Way’s Core

GPS Shoes Will Lead You Home, Just Click Your Heels Three Times [Thanks Tim]

Five Reasons Not To Raise Venture Capital

Smart cars targeted for ‘tipping’ in San Francisco

Twitter’s strategy to fix itself is to become more and more like Facebook

Damien Hirst’s ghostwritten biography promises to reveal criminal past and to expose the “filthy money business” of the art world. Plus: Florida Pastor on Trial for Selling Fake Damien Hirst Paintings

TIFF’s first major original exhibition: David Cronenberg: Evolution

Tobias Frere-Jones on type foundries in New York, 1828-1909

Barbarian Group’s Superdesk and Barton F. Graf’s continuous floor [Thanks Tim]


Lot’s Wife Found on Mars

leaked picture from that space ship that crashed into the sun