Every day, the same, again

3.jpgScientists say they’ve found a way to slow ice cream’s melting

In this study, 100 percent of the participants remained HIV-free.

Scientists have pinpointed a population of neurons in the brain that influences whether one drink leads to two

Distillery that sent unmatured malt whisky into space to study the effect of near-zero gravity on flavour has described its findings as “groundbreaking”

How to get rid of a satellite after its retirement

The US Navy is working on AI that can predict a pirate attack

Forget body language or eye movements. There are much better ways to detect lies

Queuing on the basis of last-come-first-served may sometimes be more efficient

What’s the best length for online news videos? People liked longer videos better than shorter ones. Long videos averaged 2.08 minutes in duration. Short videos averaged 24 seconds.

If we think that the world of the future will be largely dominated by America and China, then this kind of English-Chinese bilingualism could become much, much more common. Is Singapore the future of language?

Angola was the most difficult of all the countries I visited. Man who traveled to every country on earth explains the most difficult places to visit

Here’s a mystery: below 8,400 meters there are no fish. At 8,370 meters? There are fish.


Every day, the same, again

34.jpeg Police in North Dakota can now use drones armed with tasers

A portable toilet with a woman inside was accidentally carried across a festival site by a forklift truck.

“Asking drug dealers to turn in other drug dealers,” Sheriff Melton said. “It’s comical, and it’s working.” [NY Times]

Researchers help identify neural basis of multitasking

Of 100 studies, more than half could not be reproduced using the same method

Women who exercised during their teen years were less likely to die from cancer and all other causes during middle-age and later in life

Scientists have discovered why running makes you happy

People’s “coming out” experiences are related to their psychological wellbeing years later

More than eight out of 10 people surveyed online admitted to sexting in the prior year, according to new research

Ashley Madison created more than 70,000 female bots to send male users millions of fake messages

Electrical engineers demonstrated a new wireless communication technique that works by sending magnetic signals through the human body

Google’s self-driving cars WON’T have windscreen wipers

How Google Could Rig the 2016 Election [Thanks Tim]

The Effect of Country Music on Suicide [PDF]

Largest of the Five Mass Extinctions Caused By Microbes

Panspermia is a process where life is somehow transplanted from planet to planet.

Four Centuries of Development Surprises on a Single Stretch of a New York City Street [PDF]

Useless Press has obtained a dataset of ten years worth of official reports about decapitated animals discovered in New York City public parks

Scientists discover that Earth has 2.64 trillion more trees than previously thought. But there’s a dark side to the discovery.

First Written Use of “Fuck” (1528)

TYOP (tell you on phone), TOL (talk offline) and LDL (let’s discuss live) are red flags for prosecutors combing through the e-mail transcripts of Wall Street traders suspected of illegal activity

Our analysis provides evidence that journals which publish papers with shorter titles receive more citations per paper

Why Do So Many Hot New Restaurants Have Names That Sound the Same?

Inside the Fondazione Prada

Mount Rushmore before carving

Xiao makes a living by imitating US president Barack Obama

RIP Jamiroquai [Thanks Tim]

Every day, the same, again

jfk.jpgLondon bar where you absorb equivalent of large drink through lungs and eyes in 40 minutes

Finnish schools phase out handwriting classes, in favour of keyboard skills

Seven-year study of adults in China matches regular consumption of spicy foods, such as chilli peppers, to 14% reduced risk of death

Fatherhood at young age linked to greater likelihood of mid-life death

How to Flirt Best: The Perceived Effectiveness of Flirtation Techniques

We present a provisional list of 50 commonly used terms in psychology, psychiatry, and allied fields that should be avoided, or at most used sparingly and with explicit caveats.

How your eyes betray your thoughts

Archillect’s curation process works like a simple neural network [archillect.com] [Thanks Tim]

Facebook patents technology to help lenders discriminate against borrowers based on social connections

How to Charge $1,000 for Absolutely Nothing

You can now listen to NASA Voyager’s ‘Golden Record’, intended for aliens & future humans

A golden sex toy that contains your partner’s ashes

Every day, the same, again

27.jpgChinese workers go ‘faceless’ for a day to avoid stress of faking facial expressions

There is a widespread consensus amongst psychologists that tyranny triumphs either because ordinary people blindly follow orders or else because they mindlessly conform to powerful roles. However, recent evidence concerning historical events challenges these views.

40% of the US population would not consider voting for an atheist presidential candidate, regardless of their policies

Among our findings, 56% of students report changes in the strength of their religious convictions during college, while 45% report changes in religious service attendance frequency

“Millennials,” a demographic group defined by a slavish devotion to “keeping it real” by purchasing the correct consumer products

In 1770, the world’s average life expectancy was just 29 years old.

For people who want improved health, association with other healthy people is usually the strongest and most direct path of change.

Evaluation of environmental impacts: The case of pasta

Sun Tzu 2.0: Is cyberwar the new warfare?

Researchers perfect technique that profiles people based on unique keystroke traits.

Uber’s Phantom Cabs

Researchers demonstrate the world’s first white lasers More luminous and energy efficient than LEDs, white lasers look to be the future in lighting and light-based wireless communication.

How Far Can the Human Eye See a Candle Flame?

Intravenous garlic juice herpes treatment (Self-tested!)

Kayak struck by lightning

Every day, the same, again

6.jpgWhy Britain has secret “ghost trains”?

We don’t look like we think we look, study

How rudeness spreads like a contagion

Why does “schizophrenia” persist?

Semen has controlling power over female genes and behaviour

Fat should be considered the sixth taste, study

Sleep not just protects memories against forgetting, it also makes them more accessible

Thousands of Apps Secretly Run Ads That Users Can’t See Advertisers lose $895 million per year to invisible fraud within mobile apps

Gmail messages can now self-destruct

More data has been created and stored since the turn of the millennium than in the entire history of humanity

Russia’s lost punks [via Nils Runeberg]

Each house owns at least one black Indian cobra. None of the serpents are defanged but children play with them as if they were toys.

A night in Japan’s robot hotel

Meet a man who has been dating a crowdsourced Internet girlfriend for the last three months

Every day, the same, again

25.jpgRestaurant food not much healthier than fast food

The Four Types of Drunks, According to Science.

Effect of climate and seasonality on depressed mood among twitter users

Eyelashes divert airflow to protect the eye and the ideal eyelash length is about one third the width of an eye. And that goes for 22 different animals, not just humans

Passionate kissing is not a human universal

Getting to know her before asking her out could make you seem more attractive, suggests research

The sex life of the American teenager is apparently far less busy than it was in generations past

The case of man left with 90 minute memory and feeling that it is the same day every day

A password cracker that steals bitcoins from your brain

CrossFit mascot is a homicidal-looking shirtless monstrosity called Pukie the Clown. Thirty days in a gay CrossFit cult

Meet the Man Who Flies Around the World for Free

Rotterdam could be first to pave its streets with recycled plastic bottles, a surface claimed to be greener, quicker to lay and more reliable than asphalt

3D Printed Guided Missiles are Now a Reality

Neighborhood Nuisance Sound Effects

Every day, the same, again

23.jpg New York Wants Google Maps to Discourage Left Turns

Left Turns Cause A Quarter Of All Pedestrian Crashes In U.S.

Coffee neither increases nor decreases the risk of developing lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes, new research

Substance abuse reduces brain volume in women but not men

Since 2009, progress has been made in devising techniques for determining ideal male nipple positions

Facial Features: What Women Perceive as Attractive and What Men Consider Attractive

Cross-cultural study finds wide gap in what men and women want in a romantic partner

Research does show that if you increase people’s time awareness—by placing a big clock in front of them, for example—they do more stuff

Is your fear of radiation irrational?

Sharks living in a volcano

How to Sue Richard Prince and Win

Population density in NYC at day and night

Give me all of your bee syrup now

Donald Trump butt plug

Every day, the same, again

21.jpg A Researcher Made an Organic Computer Using Four Wired-Together Rat Brains

Scientists have discovered that living near trees is good for your health Related: Green and blue spaces promoted feelings of renewal, restoration, and spiritual connectedness

Text messaging during surgery provides analgesic-sparing benefits that surpass distraction techniques

How You Consist of Trillions of Tiny Machines

Stanford neuroscience research identifies more effective way to teach abstract math concepts to children

What It’s Like to Be Profoundly Face-Blind

Scientists showed domestic dogs avoid people they have seen behave unhelpfully to their owners

Swimming under the surface is faster than swimming on the surface. And the fish kick may be the fastest subsurface form yet.

Where does water go when it doesn’t flow?

Why do puddles stop spreading?

Global sea levels have risen six meters in the last three decades

Chinese Zoo Animals Monitored For Earthquake Prediction

It is forbidden to die in the Arctic town of Longyearbyen

Canadian lifted into sky in lawn chair by 100+ balloons, arrested upon landing

Every day, the same, again

3.jpgBraille tablet using a new liquid-based technology create tactile relief outputting braille, graphics and maps for the blind

A bizarre crime wave is sweeping one part of England - thieves are stripping down Vauxhall cars as their owners sleep

Smile at a party and people are more likely to remember seeing your face there

Key element of human language discovered in bird babble

New method reveals exact time of death after 10 days

This Is How Uber Takes Over a City

How Ads Follow You from Phone to Desktop to Tablet

The authors find no evidence of predictive ability from candlestick patterns alone, or in combination with other common technical indicators, like momentum.

The Physics Of Fireworks

Secrets of catching attention revealed. 1,072 ‘context words’ disclosed.

What happens to sardine prices when fishermen get mobile phones ?

Walmart Dress Code

Every day, the same, again

2141.jpg 43% of married people don’t know how much money their spouse makes

Revealing the face of a criminal based on their genes may be closer than we think

Scientists build artificial neurons able to communicate with organic neurons

Brain connections last as long as the memories they store, Stanford neuroscientist finds

The hack is simple: if you are an average adult, a cup of coffee every 48 hours will do the trick.

Taking control remotely of modern cars has become distressingly easy for hackers

The pleasure of listening to music was not as great as he anticipated. He found more pleasure in manipulating music files.

Do observers like curvature or do they dislike angularity? [PDF]

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

How to steal an election

Every day, the same, again

211.jpgMan who owned house that was slated for demolition is accused of changing the address numbers with the house next door.

Are We Seeing the End of Homeopathy?

Differences in Breast Shape Preferences between Plastic Surgeons and Patients Seeking Breast Augmentation

Expert philosophers are just as irrational as the rest of us

Of all the species that occasionally make a break for it, flamingos seem to have the most success. And: The inside of a flamingo’s egg is pink. And so is the milk parents feed their chicks.

If you want your statues clean, you just need to make them of bronze laced with arsenic

How Do We Remember Colors?

If sea levels rise as feared, some of the world’s island nations may disappear this century. Does that mean they no longer exist as countries?

Some Aspects of Adaptation to Failure

Is it possible to gauge how wealthy a New Yorker might be just by the way they pronounce their /r/ s? And: The Social Stratification of (r) in New York City Department Stores [PDF]


Every day, the same, again

29.jpgThe Police Are Scanning the Faces of Every Single Person at Download Festival

Female psychopaths process moral judgements differently than male psychopaths

Love-Hate Relationships at Work Might Be Good for You

Dutch people are the tallest on Earth. Their height could be the result of natural selection favoring a towering stature, study suggests.

When Do People Prefer Carrots to Sticks? A Robust ‘Matching Effect’ in Policy Evaluation

Just as in the 1600s, the basic underlying logic of China’s economic boom after 1980 was the import of money in exchange for the export of goods.

The constantly updated catalogue of entrances to Hell in and around the UK

For years the sign has caused passengers on planes to freak out about going to the wrong place. [Thanks Tim]