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2.gifBlack parents give birth to white baby

Inmate emails own release instructions to prison

Biohackers develop eyedrops that provide night vision

Telepathy isn’t distant science fiction anymore

When attention is a deficit

A pair of engineering students created a fire extinguisher that operates using sound waves.

Observations by two powerful space telescopes have revealed that dark matter is weirder than previously thought. It is invisible, even to itself.

Here I indulge in wide-ranging speculations on the shape of physics, and technology closely related to physics, over the next one hundred years [PDF ]

An object of infinite length but finite volume

Cheeseburger Ball Gag [thanks GG]

Sunset bath

Every day, the same, again

44.jpgBuying human breast milk online poses serious health risk, say experts

Researchers may have solved origin-of-life conundrum

A power nap of under an hour can improve memory performance by five times, a new study finds.

One thousand genes you could live without

Can We Interpret Smoking Habits in Historic Skeletal Remains?

Anthropologists have shown that the practice of cannibalism is very often linked to magic, as the provider of the most potent ingredients to make ‘medicine’ to make a person bullet-proof, able to fly, all-powerful, and many more wondrous things.

Scientists have discovered a simple way to cook rice that reduces its calories by as much as 50 percent

Algorithm Clones Facial Expressions… And Pastes Them Onto Other Faces

There are only four people/organizations in the world who know my location at all times: my wife (because I tell her), Apple (because Siri), the NSA (because NSA), and now Uber.

Manipulating Wikipedia to Promote a Bogus Business School

Tinder hack made hundreds of bros unwittingly flirt with each other

Kinetic sculpture by Jennifer Townley

Four circles, and none of them touch

Every day, the same, again

4523.jpgUS researchers are investigating ways to extract the gold and precious metals from human faeces.

Radioactive sanitary pads from China seized by authorities in Lebanon [Thanks Tim]

New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function

Excess Time Indoors May Explain Rising Myopia Rates

A relationship between temperature and aggression in NFL football penalties

MIT discovers a new state of matter, a new kind of magnetism

Can Space Expand Faster Than the Speed of Light?

Bestselling books, 1900-1999

Sneeze catcher (new patent)

Every day, the same, again

211.jpgSufficient sleep is important for healthy sexual desire

A psychology study sheds new light on today’s standards of beauty, attributing modern men’s preferences for women with a curvy backside to prehistoric influences.

Religiosity and participation in religious activities have been linked with decreased risky behavior

Psychopathic tendencies in chimpanzees

The Science of Near-Death Experiences

Can Synesthesia Be Learned?

Can you really catch a disease from bad bathroom smells?

How solar eclipses cause problems for countries that rely on solar power

The oddly beautiful (and sometimes disturbing) uniform patches of the DEA

Every day, the same, again

Too Many Scientific Studies, Study Finds

Using a Foreskin to Repair Eyelids

Scientists discover how to change human leukemia cells into harmless immune cells

Homeopathy not effective for treating any condition

A few people become inebriated simply by eating carbohydrates

The origin of the anus

The effects of being in a “new relationship” on levels of testosterone in men [PDF]

5 Languages That Could Change the Way You See the World

Plastics designed to degrade don’t break down any faster than their conventional counterparts, according to research

Passports for a Price: The Business Showing Poor Countries How to Sell Citizenship

Construction of airports is proceeding at a blistering pace in China

Hertz puts cameras in its rental cars, says it has no plans to use them

In 2009, a man calling himself Peter Bergmann arrived in an Irish town with a plan to disappear forever

How To Break Free If Your Hands Are Bound With Duct Tape

Tinder Users at SXSW Are Falling for This Woman, but She’s Not What She Appears

Things Bodies Can Do After Death [Thanks Nathan]

DNA-based prediction of Nietzsche’s voice

Oculus Rex

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45.gif Model who is almost 9 months pregnant is so fit she has abs

Man created dating site — and he’s the only one on it

People who are trying to impress a date with their good looks might want to limit themselves to one drink

The risk of a heart attack increases by at least 8.5 times in the two hours after the intense emotions of anger and anxiety, a new study finds.

A mother has helped her 24-year-old son become a father by carrying his child as a surrogate. How a father became the brother of his own son

How easy would it be to edit a human embryo using CRISPR? Very easy, experts say.

Our results cannot confirm beneficial effects of breastfeeding on child intelligence.

Why Can’t Rodents Vomit?

Why can’t horses vomit?

Why Killer Whales Go Through Menopause But Elephants Don’t

Startups in the U.S. are working on 3D printing nipples and bits of liver tissue, while a Russian provocateur claims to have on-demand thyroids.

Scientists Insert a Synthetic Memory Into the Brain of a Sleeping Mouse

People are hopeless at drawing the Apple logo, and that tells us something about human memory

What one man learned by crashing elite colleges for 4 years

How a group of robbers staged one of history’s biggest bank heists - without setting foot in a bank

US May Run Out Of Oil Storage Space As Soon As June

Vincent van Gogh’s reds have been turning white

The facial pose of a person can be a good indicator of their importance, because important people often tend to be looking directly at the camera. The importance of specific individuals in photos of multiple people [PDF]

Effects of “vocal fry” on pitch perception

A simple brute force DDoS attack against one or two key points in the Internet would be enough to make the rest unusable. Personally I would probably go after MAE-West in San Jose, partly because almost all the traffic to and from Silicon Valley goes through there.

US physicists have studied the fluid dynamics of urine “splashback” - and found tips to help men and women with their accuracy and hygiene.

Lennart Green: Close-up card magic with a twist

The Museum of the Paranormal, The Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments, The Museum of Death…

website that deletes itself once indexed by Google [Thanks Darren!]

She’s just trying to shock us

Every day, the same, again

521.jpgThere’s too much poo on Mount Everest, says mountaineering boss

We’ve killed off half the world’s animals since 1970

Wall Street Has Its Eyes on Millennials’ $30 Trillion Inheritance

On the origins of dishonesty: From parents to children

After handshakes, we sniff people’s scent on our hand

Facebook Use Predicts Declines in Subjective Well-Being in Young Adults

Adults only really catch flu about twice a decade, study

Genetically-modified mice resistant to frostbite

Life ‘not as we know it’ possible on Saturn’s moon Titan could harbor methane-based, oxygen-free cells that metabolize, reproduce and do everything life on Earth does.

What would happen if an 800-kiloton nuclear warhead detonated above midtown Manhattan?

The Price of Oil Is About to Blow a Hole in Corporate Accounting.

A Decentralized Lie Detector

We have a hallway in our apartment we would like to convert into the Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding 1994 museum.

Every day, the same, again

51.jpgA start-up offers suspected shoplifters the chance to pay $320 to stop the police being called

Vial of Winston Churchill’s Blood to Be Sold at Auction [NY Times]

No, Head Transplants Are Definitely Not Going To Happen

In a rare legal move, prosecutors brought a deceased woman’s vagina into a murder trial Friday for jurors to view during testimony.

Bra Wearing Not Associated with Breast Cancer Risk

New study suggests yet another potential health benefit of coffee consumption: it could reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis.

Saunas help you live longer, study finds

Thinking about money makes you feel physically colder

Scientists discover part of brain that calculates the intentions of others

Is your punctuation as distinctive as your DNA?

Researchers create world’s first 3D-printed jet engines

20-year-old Military Weather Satellite Apparently Exploded in Orbit

Nicaragua has enlisted a little-known Chinese billionaire to dig a 161-mile canal across the country and link the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. If built, the Nicaragua Canal would be longer, wider, and deeper than the 51-mile Panama Canal.

The Wankband comes in the form of a high-tech wristband that generates power as the user creates a frenetic movement while pleasuring themselves. [Thanks Tim]

Every day, the same, again

51.jpgZambia’s top prosecutor refused to prosecute himself on charges of abuse of office and declared himself a free man.

Police arrest conmen who sold a fake Goya, and were paid with fake cash

New DNA technique can predict a person’s physical appearance with 80 percent confidence. [more ]

What is done by the unconscious, and what requires conscious thought? New experiment shows just how much work is going on underneath the surface of our conscious minds.

The discovery that the human brain continues to produce new neurons in adulthood challenged a major dogma in the field of neuroscience

Moth tails divert bat attack: Evolution of acoustic deflection

Hippopotamuses and whales have a common ancestor

After 8 centuries, rats exonerated in spread of Black Death. Gerbils implicated. [previously]

See the monster in the mirror? If so, you are not depressed.

Men now outnumber women on the planet by 60 million, the highest ever recorded

Why a coffee is more likely to spill than a latte

Falconry accessories

Every day, the same, again

213.jpgColombian teacher who likes to wear Nazi-themed bondage outfits changes her name to Abcdefg Hijklmn Opqrst Uvwxyz

You can now bet on shark racing in Florida

Mercury level in tuna is getting higher

Older scientists are often seen as less open to new ideas than younger scientists. We put this assertion to an empirical test. Our results buttress the importance of funding scientific work by young researchers. [PDF]

Researchers have found a way to store information in the form of DNA, presumably preserving it for nearly an eternity.

Regular coffee consumption contributes to DNA integrity

Langauge: Redefining the Role of Broca’s Area?

New insight into how brain performs ‘mental time travel’

Two New Particles Found at Large Hadron Collider

Think of a strand of spaghetti that can hold 3,000 pounds. Scientists have discovered nature’s newest strongest substance.

Scientists create contact lens that magnifies at blink of an eye

Why Do Inventors Sell to Patent Trolls?

Japan Has More Car Chargers Than Gas Stations

Are Submarines About to Become Obsolete?

Before Korea, America never lost a war. Ever since, other than the first Gulf War, it hasn’t won any. Why the world’s biggest military keeps losing wars.

Would you like to understand how the “new” Harper Lee novel, “Go Set a Watchman,” came to be billed as a long-lost, blockbuster sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird” — one of the definitive books of the American 20th century — when, by all the known facts, it’s an uneven first draft of the famous novel that was never considered for publication?

The four male crew members (models provided to Abercrombie) had to wear jeans, boxers, polo shirts, and flip-flops. The manual specified the seating arrangements for Jeffries’s three dogs, the length of the spoon Smith required for his tea, and the proper way to respond to requests (“No problem”). Behind the decline of Abercrombie & Fitch and the fall of its mastermind, Michael Jeffries

Shred Your Ex [more]

How to Make Breakfast With Your Vagina

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28.jpg‘Haunted’ laptop exposed to graveyard overnight gets eBay bids of over $3000. Texas seller claims his MacBook levitates and uses pen and paper to write notes after it was left at a graveyard next to an abandoned mental hospital all night.

To avoid wrinkles, woman hasn’t smiled in 40 years

Psychological Language on Twitter Predicts County-Level Heart Disease Mortality

Memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s reversed for first time

Dude Builds Tinder Bot to Automate Swipes Based on Facial Recognition [Thanks Tim]

While some expect sex robots to be commonplace in a decade, they may be leapfrogged by ‘neural virtual reality’

Robotic Extrusions

Swoosh swoosh! [Thanks Tim]

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35.jpg Baby girl born ‘pregnant’ with twins undergoes operation to remove foetuses

Napping reverses health effects of poor sleep

A meta-analysis of 193 brain-imaging studies shows similar gray-matter loss in the brains of people with diagnoses as different as schizophrenia, depression and addiction. The findings call into question a longstanding tendency to distinguish psychiatric disorders chiefly by their symptoms rather than their underlying brain pathology.

Most respondents reported their BDSM interests starting before age 15, sometimes creating a phase of anxiety and shame in the absence of reassuring information.

Bilingual infants lip-read more than monolingual infants

Native Americans Say Facebook Is Accusing Them of Using Fake Names

The Business of Fake Diplomas

Hollywood Agency to Manage Careers of Visual Artists

There’s No Plague on the NYC Subway. No Platypuses Either.

After only 100 feet of sea-level rise, the island of Manhattan is almost totally submerged. Brooklyn and Queens are reduced to a handful of small islands.


timder brooklyn [Thanks Tim]