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23.jpgChinese City Sets Up ‘No Cell Phone’ Pedestrian Lanes

Airlines are creating rush hours and crowds at airports - on purpose

Being chronically late can have deep psychological drivers that go beyond having too much to do or underestimating traffic.

People Are Attracted to the Body Odor of Others with Similar Political Beliefs

Researchers have discovered how two genes keep the circadian clocks in all human cells in time and in proper rhythm with the 24-hour day, as well as the seasons.

Gene-Silencing Drugs Finally Show Promise

Genes may help explain why some people are naturally more interested in music than others

Not everyone who hears voices experiences them as social entities but this type of social hallucinated voice is not rare or exotic.

The Jesus Experiment

Frst-person account of Cotard’s delusion – the belief that you’re dead

New Study Examines Impact of Violent Media on the Brain

Action films most likely to make you fat

How to increase children’s patience in 5 seconds

Scientists come closer to the industrial synthesis of a material harder than diamond

Sapphire screens were part of the iPhone 6 design until the glass repeatedly cracked during standard drop tests

Why Apple Didn’t Name Its Smartwatch ‘iWatch’

How the FBI took down the online black market and drug bazaar known as the Silk Road

The various ways to duck paying the fare on the Paris Subway

Returning to from lower Manhattan to Brooklyn

Never put the F where the door is

Every day, the same, again

7654.gifDJs all over the world are now deliberately making mistakes during their mixes to prove to fans and critics that they are in fact real DJs.

When you set sad lyrics against happy music, the music wins

Research on twins has found that our genes may determine an innate baseline for how happy we’ll be during our lives

Study of more than 100,000 people finds three genetic variants for IQ — but their effects are maddeningly small.

Bra Wearing Not Associated with Breast Cancer Risk

Is spooning really the best position for men with back pain? More: Bad back? These are the best sex positions to ease the pain.

Cutting Back On Carbs, Not Fat, May Lead To More Weight Loss

A simple rule for making every restaurant meal better: Eat at 5 p.m. or 5:30.

Imagine that someone else was controlling your actions. You would still look like you, and sound like you, but you wouldn’t be the one deciding what you did and what you said. Would anyone notice the difference?

Research has found that while around 1% of the general population are psychopaths, the level rises to 3% amongst business managers.

How Movies Trick Your Brain Into Empathizing With Characters

Serialized Killers: Prebooting Horror in Bates Motel and Hannibal

Only 1.5 percent of looted work is ever recovered. Why don’t museums put GPS trackers on everything?

Burger King goes “Goth” in Japan

The lessons around commitment and intimacy get deeper as Saturn continues his two-and-a-half-year sojourn through your partnership house, Taurus.

Every day, the same, again

5.jpg Growing mushrooms in diapers

Man Stabs Roommate For Being Too Loud While Having Threesome

The Man With Two Penises

People’s belief in free will is lower when they need to urinate or desire sex

It is possible to predict the future – and a new breed of ‘superforecasters’ knows how to do it

Why Amazon Has No Profits (And Why It Works)

“At some factories, robots are even building other robots, producing about 50 robots per 24-hour shift and operating unsupervised for as long as 30 days at a time.” [via gettingsome]

Everything That’s Wrong With Banking Summed Up In One Bonehead Advertisement

We’ve reached a point in our civilization where counterculture has mutated into a self-obsessed aesthetic vacuum. So while hipsterdom is the end product of all prior countercultures, it’s been stripped of its subversion and originality. More: DATAcide: The Total Annihilation of Life as We Know It

Global suicide map

New Toyota minivan equips parents with mic to make it easier to yell at unruly kids in the back

Richard Feynman’s Lectures on Physics

Yves Klein: The man who invented a colour

Porn for the Blind [thanks GG]

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2.jpg Robert Rauschenberg Painting Helps Solve 1950s Murder

Town in Brazil made up entirely of women has made an appeal for bachelors

Self-Deceived Individuals Are Better at Deceiving Others

The evidence that abstinence from alcohol is a cause of heart disease and early death is irrefutable

Double mastectomy for breast cancer ‘does not boost survival chances’

Neuroscientists reverse memories’ emotional associations: Brain circuit that links feelings to memories manipulated

Both men and women find humility attractive

An office enriched with plants makes staff happier and boosts productivity by 15 per cent

This study examines whether tattoo visibility affects recidivism length of ex-offenders [PDF]

What People Cured of Blindness See

Time Travel Simulation Resolves “Grandfather Paradox”

Scientists use E.coli bacteria to create fuel

Hackers Are Homing in on Hospitals

The Goldman Sachs Aluminum Conspiracy Lawsuit Is Over

Indian start-up launches shoes that show you the way

Where is Josh Harris now?

Portraits of former Playboy Bunnies

I Wanted a Floor Lamp

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28.jpg World’s most pierced man barred from Dubai

Women college students average 10 hours a day on their cellphones and men students spend nearly eight

Hangover Cure Finally Comes to the U.S.

Date rape drug-detecting nail polish won’t work

There were no associations between childhood family income and subsequent violent criminality and substance misuse

When you are in the middle of negotiation, is it best to make the first offer, or to wait for the other party to make the first offer and then respond to it?

Music helps you focus on your own thoughts, but only if you like it

Neuroscientists watch imagination happening in the brain

The use of hallucinogens in research and therapy

The more strongly people believed in free will, the more they liked making choices

Panic disorder and epilepsy were associated with low belief in free will.

Here, we test whether creativity increases dishonesty [PDF]

Researchers have found that “solid-head” power toothbrushes have up to 3,000 times less bacteria when compared to “hollow-head” toothbrushes.

Home is where the microbes are

Schrödinger’s cat caught on quantum film

The smell of rain: what is petrichor?

Quantification of Pizza Baking Properties of Different Cheeses, and Their Correlation with Cheese Functionality [study abstract]

Vending machine dispenses food for stray dogs when people insert recyclable bottles and cans

Inside Google’s Secret Drone-Delivery Program

This Is Uber’s Playbook for Sabotaging Lyft

When A Machine Learning Algorithm Studied Fine Art Paintings, It Saw Things Art Historians Had Never Noticed

Today, around 75% of all IKEA’s product images are CG

Crying Infant Assuager (new patent)

Camel toe challenge [more]

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27.jpgFlight diverted after fight over legroom. One passenger was using the Knee Defender, a $21.95 gadget that attaches to a passenger’s tray table and prevents the person in front of them from reclining.

Seattle doctor accused of sexting during surgery

A chemistry startup, developed by undergrads, is creating a nail polish that, when exposed to date rape drugs, changes color.

Drinking small amounts of alcohol boosts people’s sense of smell

Effect of maternal coffee, smoking and drinking behavior on adult son’s semen quality

A whole functional organ has been grown from scratch inside an animal for the first time

Why do humans grow up so slowly? Blame the brain.

How Temperatures In Manhattan Differ From Block To Block

Egypt feminist defecates on IS flag in the nude

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44.jpgHusband takes his wife to court over honeymoon photos she posted on Facebook

Chinese man sues wife over ugly baby—before they met, she had undergone about $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery.

Woman Sues FDA for Right to Free Sperm

Reading ‘Fifty Shades’ linked to unhealthy behaviors

Douglas also admitted to having sex with bodies being stored while awaiting autopsies.

A recent paper said PMS can drive spouses apart. But that paper is based on bad science and flat-out lies.

Does Seeing the Doctor More Often Keep You Out of the Hospital? [PDF]

On average, people’s memories stretch no farther than age three and a half. Everything before then is a dark abyss. Psychologists have named this dramatic forgetting “childhood amnesia.”

We are now beginning to crack the brain’s code, which allows us to answer such bizarre questions as “what is the speed of thought?”

States with faster Internet speeds have smarter people

Researchers find it’s terrifyingly easy to hack traffic lights

Systems that can secretly track where cellphone users go around the globe

Does terrorism help perpetrators to achieve their demands?

The Surveillance Engine: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

The Role of Artists in Ship Camouflage During World War I

Radical New Theory Could Kill the Multiverse Hypothesis

Horses And Sleep

Celebs before their signature Hollywood smiles

London restaurant creates champagne glass modelled on Kate Moss’ left breast

Images from opening scenes of adult movies

Facial Recognition Software for Cats

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26.jpg Couple walled in by angry neighbours

An ad-free internet would cost each user at least £140 a year ($230)

Psychologists investigate why some people see the future as being behind them

Women were more threatened than men when imagining another person complimenting their partner’s physical appearance. [PDF]

Fixing a Work Relationship Gone Sour

Ever since the first hack of a commercial quantum cryptography device, security specialists have been fighting back. Here’s an update on the battle.

With enough technical savvy, simply touching a laptop can suffice to extract the cryptographic keys used to secure data stored on it.

Recently, another chapter in the Toynbee Tile saga was written, when a tile showed up on Greenwich Street and North Moore in SoHo.

The ‘chairless chair’ that lets you relax anywhere

Is there life after death?

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435.jpg Three Swiss couples copulating in a van fined for not wearing seatbelts

Google has to reinforce its internet cables because sharks keep biting them

New Yorkers go to bed earlier than people in Paris, Beijing, Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo and Madrid, study

Why Some People Only Need Five Hours’ Sleep a Night

The Real Secret to Detecting Lies (And It’s Not Body Language) [more]

How to help an anxious interviewee - be mean to them

Mother’s diet modifies her child’s DNA

Love makes sex better for most women

Study reveals that men experience orgasm during sexual activity with a familiar partner 85% of the time on average, compared with 63% of the time for women.

Representing Sex in the Brain, One Module at a Time

Scientists may have identified an intermediate-sized black hole for the very first time

Two Stanford researchers have discovered that a species of harvester ants determine how many foragers to send out of the nest in much the same way that Internet protocols discover how much bandwidth is available for the transfer of data. The researchers are calling it the “anternet.” [Thanks Tim]

The Slack software borrows from social sites such as Twitter and Facebook to turn the middle of your screen into a stream of messages. E-mail is dead—or at least that’s what Silicon Valley is banking on.

Google’s driverless cars designed to exceed speed limit

Managers of Walgreen’s drugstores in the US “often retire in their 40s.” […] In India, hair dressers can earn more than employees in the software industry.

French treasure hunter finds 50 pieces of jewellery on Mont Blanc from Air India crash 48 years ago

The “Blue Star” solution activates the physical memory of blood through its contact with the remaining DNA proteins on the walls

With a local anesthesia, he operated himself to remove the appendix.

Maine Man, 19, Poses For New Mug Shot Wearing T-Shirt With Photo Of His Old Mug Shot

Justin Bieber Tartare with Ham

selling positive pregnancy urine - $45

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61.jpg Alleged phone thief calls 911 because victim won’t leave her alone

About 100,000 German employees can now choose to have all their incoming emails automatically deleted when they are on holiday so they do not return to a bulging in-box.

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis said he can’t return the vehicles, a 2007 Cadillac Escalade and a 2012 Bentley Flying Spur, because a strip-club owner in Mexico—angry that several Girls Gone Wild promotions fell through— took them.

The evolution of PMS: It may exist to break up infertile relationships

Is the absence of biological fathers related to their daughters’ earlier age at menarche?

The stability of your personality peaks in mid-life, then grows increasingly wobbly again

Dartmouth researchers demonstrate in a new study that a previously understudied part of the brain, the retrosplenial cortex, is essential for forming the basis for contextual memories, which help you to recall events ranging from global disasters to where you parked your car.

Angry faces increase the effectiveness of threats

New study finds that antiperspirant deodorants alter your armpit bacteria and may actually worsen body odor as a result.

Is there a cannabis epidemic model? Evidence from France, Germany and USA

People fake to look authentic on social media

Solving the puzzle of why Finns have the highest IQ, but one of the lowest number of Nobel prizes in Europe

People recall more and learn better when they expect to teach that information to another person, a new study finds.

Starting removal of John Hancock Building west antenna

I’m not here to make friends

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5.gif Researchers Reconstruct Speech Recorded in the Vibrations of a Potato Chip Bag

Science is proving that many other tissues than the tongue can taste what you ingest

Do Narcissists Know They’re Narcissists?

Time Flies: Science offers ideas about how to reconstruct that feeling of long, slow days you remember from when you were a kid.

Three Perimeter Institute researchers have a new idea about what might have come before the big bang. What we perceive as the big bang, they argue, could be the three-dimensional “mirage” of a collapsing star in a universe profoundly different than our own.

Honda is one of the few multinational companies that has succeeded at globalization. They’ve never lost money. They’ve been profitable every year. And they’ve been around since 1949, 1950.

Car Security Is Likely to Worsen, Researchers Say and Hackers Demand Automakers Get Serious About Security

The Brazilian Bus Magnate Who’s Buying Up All the World’s Vinyl Records [NY Times]

Stephen King has always disliked Stanley Kubrick’s film: What Stanley Kubrick got wrong about “The Shining”

For this show, Williams has insisted that there be no wall text. Williams has also insisted that all the photos at MoMA be hung below normal height. Christopher Williams at MoMA

In an official partnership with the New York City Department of Transportation, Ryan McGinness has erected 50 signs throughout Manhattan.

How to Use Your Cat to Hack Your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi

Chef Grills Steak, Volcano-Style, With Molten Lava.

Real Cigarette Reviews

Statues Taking Selfies

Two adult sex toys having automated sex with each other

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4.jpgWhile we assumed everyone knew that correspondence from Nigerian leaders requesting funds were always fraudulent, it appears the US government decided the opportunity was worth the risk…

Host of 2,000+ person party: ‘Worth it’ despite drug overdoses

A mathematical equation which can predict our moment-by-moment happiness has been developed by researchers

Why are people with high self-control happier?

Why is intelligence associated with stability of happiness?

2D:4D digit ratio predicts depression severity for females but not for males. Previously: Depression in men is associated with more feminine finger length ratios.

Used cigarette butts offer energy storage solution

It’s -55 °C at the British base in Antarctica. The power has failed. How are they coping?

My Work as an Eyemaker: The First 55 Years

How a Simple Spambot Became the Second Most Powerful Member of an Italian Social Network

Female runner uses Nike+ to draw giant dicks around San Francisco