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results are consistent with the notion that adolescents are more prone than adults to take risks when faced with unlikely but costly negative outcomes

DoorDash was providing delivery services for his nondelivery pizzeria: taking web orders without his knowledge, phoning in for takeout and sending a DoorDash delivery worker to pay and pick up the food, and often delivering to a customer who would be annoyed that the pizza arrived cold. And then he was surprised to see DoorDash was selling his $24 pizzas for only $16. This meant he had an arbitrage opportunity: Order his own pizzas at $16, sell them to DoorDash for $24 each, and pocket the difference. This worked even better if he didn’t put real pizzas in the delivery boxes. But how on earth was DoorDash ever supposed to make money selling his pizzas at a loss? […] A mental model that a lot of people have for these businesses is that they are waiting to establish a dominant market position, at which point they can raise prices to a level where they will be profitable. That is, in the future, restaurants and customers will pay even more in delivery fees, and DoorDash will make money. The problem with this view is that “the future” never seems to come. Uber has been providing rides for ten years. When does the “profit” phase of its business show up? [NY mag]

New York Times phasing out all 3rd-party advertising data

85 years of advertising

Our findings indicate that Pennsylvania counties with fracking activities have higher rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia infections (7.8% and 2.6%, respectively), as well as higher prostitution related arrests (19.7%). [Economics & Human Biology]

we find no evidence that fracking increases prostitution when using our national data, suggesting sex work may not be the principal mechanism linking fracking to gonorrhea growt. [Journal of Health Economics]

The Wonderful, Transcendent Life of an Odd-Nosed Monkey

a word that does not exist; it was invented, defined and used by a machine learning algorithm. [reload for new word]

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The last wishes of the dying are also given more moral weight if made by those who ultimately die while conscious. These results reveal a simple way to increase your influence after death and highlight both the power of endings and the subjective nature of mind.

Can AI Become Conscious?

Social perceptions of individuals missing upper front teeth

Does Alcohol Consumption Affect the Flight and Echolocation Performance of Phyllostomid Bats?

Legendary Rock Critic Lester Bangs’ 1975 Interview with Kraftwerk

On April 20, chaos reigned in oil markets. Here’s what happened.

The results obtained indicate that no one algorithm can be used to solve the multitude of possible scenarios involved in the re-assembly of incomplete jigsaw puzzles

The Fascinating Origins of Greyhound Racing

Drone Disguised as Hummingbird Captures Incredible Footage of Monarch Butterfly Swarm

Number of streams (apple music, deezer, spotify…) to earn one ound and one hour’s UK minimum wage

Chekhov’s gun is a dramatic principle that states that every element in a story must be necessary, and irrelevant elements should be removed. Elements should not appear to make “false promises” by never coming into play.

Flat Earthers: What They Believe and Why [audio + transcript]

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44.jpgFrom 2000: What You’ll Need to Know In 2020 That You Don’t Know Now

Collectively, the global fashion industry produces nearly 4 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, or 8.1% of the world total […] The process of making one cotton t-shirt emits about 5 kilograms of carbon dioxide — around the amount produced during a 12-mile car drive. It also uses 1,750 liters of water. That’s because cotton is a water-guzzling crop. […] Over half of fast fashion items are thrown away in under a year. [CNN]

Contrary to assertions that Amazon has made to Congress, employees often consulted sales information on third-party vendors when developing private-label products. [audio]

Four functions of markets

For nearly two hundred years, U.S. copyright law has assumed that owners may voluntarily abandon their rights in a work. But scholars have largely ignored copyright abandonment, and the case law is fragmented and inconsistent. As a result, abandonment remains poorly theorized, owners can avail themselves of no reliable mechanism to abandon their works, and the practice remains rare. [LawArXiv]

Does Lingerie Color Affect Perceived Attractiveness and Evolutionary Fitness?

An examination of nearly 350 published psychological experiments found that nearly half failed to show that they were based on a valid foundation of empirical evidence, suggesting that a wide swath of psychological science is based on an “untested foundation.”

Dehydration predicts longitudinal decline in cognitive functioning and well-being among older adults

AI Poet Mastered Rhythm, Rhyme, and Natural Language to Write Like Shakespeare

By recreating prehistoric one-on-one sword fighting and analyzing the ensuing damage inflicted onto replica weapons, experimental archaeologists are shedding new light onto ancient combat techniques and the advanced skills required to be a Bronze Age warrior.

Welcome to the largest product placement database on the internet

Punk label Dischord Records puts entire catalog online for free

A group of professional nature recordists from around the globe have collaborated to develop Nature Soundmap

The Best Set of Black Disposable Drawing Pens for Artists and Writers

Smallest restaurant in the world set to open in Sweden From May 10th until August 1st, Bord för En (Table for One) will open its ‘doors’ to a single diner each day. Located approximately 215 miles (or 350 kilometres) from Stockholm, in the region of Värmland, the ‘restaurant’ is just one table set in the middle of a picturesque country meadow.


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41.jpgApple consumption is related to better sexual quality of life in young women.

Oral sex: A new, and possibly the most dangerous, route of toxoplasmosis transmission. — This route of toxoplasmosis transmission could be experimentally verified by force-feeding laboratory mice with the ejaculate of infected men.

Unhappiness is hill-shaped in age and the average age where the maximum occurs is 49

Can people be attracted to darker versions of themselves?

We report a rare case of fatal intoxication in a 40-year-old man caused by injection of a fluid containing organic mercury, allegedly in an attack with a syringe fixed to the tip of an umbrella. After several days to weeks the man showed increasingly reduced general health with fatigue and was finally hospitalized with severe neurological dysfunctions in somnolent status and died 10 months later in refractory status epilepticus. […] Police learned of the case after the mercury intoxication was diagnosed, and the investigation revealed a small syringe (typically used for subcutaneous injections, e.g. insulin) containing a fluid with a mercury-thallium bond as well as several beads of metallic mercury bonds at the dashboard (e.g. non-organic mercury, mercury sulphate) of the victim’s car. Furthermore, it turned out that the victim had access to mercury compounds due to his occupation. [Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology]

Art, music, and literature may not only provide temporary nourishment for a good life, but teach people lasting skills they can capitalize on to increase long- term well-being.

According to numerous research studies, adults who hear a statement twice are more likely to think that it is true compared to when they have only heard it once. Our results suggest that the illusory truth effect is a universal effect learned at a young age.

The Dark Room Problem

Blomstedt tells the story of a technique called “cerebral impaludation,” which literally means “putting malaria into the brain.” In this operation, which was performed on over 1,000 people in the 1930s, blood from a malaria-infected person was injected straight into the frontal lobes of the unfortunate patient. The story goes back to 1918, when an Austrian doctor, Julius Wagner-Jauregg, discovered that a bout of malaria could produce improvement in patients with advanced syphilis infection of the brain. [Discover]

In possible medical first, breast implants deflect bullet, save Toronto woman’s life, doctors say

The Psychology of Queuing

An introduction to the mechanics of the lasso

Chimpanzees Prefer African and Indian Music Over Silence

a few repeated contacts


Our models demonstrate that while social distancing measures clearly do flatten the curve, strategic reduction of contact can strongly increase their efficiency, introducing the possibility of allowing some social contact while keeping risks low. Limiting interaction to a few repeated contacts emerges as the most effective strategy.

More than 21 percent of around 1,300 people in New York City who were tested for coronavirus antibodies this week were found to have them […] possibly as many as 2.7 million […] It would mean that the fatality rate from the virus was relatively low, about 0.5 percent [more]

The challenges of antibody testing for Covid-19 — no tests to date have performed well

scientists say the true potential of the rapidly developed antibody tests is still unknown

Developing antibody tests for SARS-CoV-2

About a quarter of Covid-19 patients put on ventilators in New York’s largest health system died, study

As virus advances, doctors rethink rush to ventilate

Las Vegas Mayor Offers Up Her City to See How Many Die Without Social Distancing

The concept of herd immunity is a simple one. But achieving it? Not so much.

In Belgium, Canada, France, Ireland and Norway, the % of COVID-related deaths in care homes ranges from 49% to 64%

We present a case of COVID-19 with an initial medical presentation of keratoconjunctivitis, the first such reported case in North America. The patient’s primary symptom was a red eye with watery discharge, though she did have mild respiratory symptoms, without fever. A conjunctival swab of the affected eye was positive for the SAR-CoV-2 virus.

In this study, one-third of patients with COVID-19 had ocular abnormalities, which frequently occurred in patients with more severe COVID-19. Although there is a low prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in tears, it is possible to transmit via the eyes.

Officials probe the threat of a coronavirus bioweapon

Former Labradoodle breeder tapped to lead U.S. pandemic task force

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) on reopening state: ‘There are more important things than living’

Here’s how one security and tech-savvy reader got taken for more than $10,000 in an elaborate, weeks-long phone-based scam.

Amazon Scooped Up Data From Its Own Sellers to Launch Competing Products

Want to Find a Misinformed Public? Facebook’s Already Done It - While vowing to police COVID-19 misinformation on its platform, Facebook let advertisers target users interested in“pseudoscience”

the strength of your immune system

COVID-19 is, in many ways, proving to be a disease of uncertainty. According to a new study from Italy, some 43 percent of people with the virus have no symptoms. Among those who do develop symptoms, it is common to feel sick in uncomfortable but familiar ways—congestion, fever, aches, and general malaise. Many people start to feel a little bit better. Then, for many, comes a dramatic tipping point. “Some people really fall off the cliff, and we don’t have good predictors of who it’s going to happen to,” Stephen Thomas, the chair of infectious diseases at Upstate University Hospital, told me. Those people will become short of breath, their heart racing and mind detached from reality. They experience organ failure and spend weeks in the ICU, if they survive at all. Meanwhile, many others simply keep feeling better and eventually totally recover. […] This degree of uncertainty has less to do with the virus itself than how our bodies respond to it. As Murphy puts it, when doctors see this sort of variation in disease severity, “that’s not the virus; that’s the host.” Since the beginning of the pandemic, people around the world have heard the message that older and chronically ill people are most likely to die from COVID-19. But that is far from a complete picture of who is at risk of life-threatening disease. Understanding exactly how and why some people get so sick while others feel almost nothing will be the key to treatment. […] The people who get the most severely sick from COVID-19 will sometimes be unpredictable, but in many cases, they will not. They will be the same people who get sick from most every other cause. Cytokines like IL-6 can be elevated by a single night of bad sleep. Over the course of a lifetime, the effects of daily and hourly stressors accumulate. Ultimately, people who are unable to take time off of work when sick—or who don’t have a comfortable and quiet home, or who lack access to good food and clean air—are likely to bear the burden of severe disease. [The Atlantic]

“We are running a medical study here in Miami-Dade, we’re trying to figure out exactly what is the penetration of COVID-19 here in Miami-Dade. Over last week we did a random sample of about 800 of people in Miami-Dade. And what we found is that 60% of those people tested positive to the antibody which means they had it or they have it now, and they have exhibited absolutely no symptoms in the last 14 days.” [Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez | The 11th Hour with Brian Williams]

French researchers to test nicotine patches on coronavirus patients

Saliva is more sensitive for SARS-CoV-2 detection in COVID-19 patients than nasopharyngeal swabs

Doctor groups are recommending testing and isolation for people who lose their ability to smell and taste, even if they have no other symptoms.

prevalence, intensity, and timing of an altered sense of smell or taste in patients with SARS-CoV-2 infections altered sense of smell or taste was reported by 130 patients (64.4%) among these 130 patients 45 (34.6%) also reported blocked nose. Other frequent symptoms were fatigue (68.3%), dry or productive cough (60.4%), and fever (55.5%).

The novel coronavirus appears to be causing sudden strokes in adults in their 30s and 40s who are not otherwise terribly ill, doctors reported Wednesday and Signs of blood thickening and clotting were being detected in different organs by doctors from different specialties

Facebook released a map showing the proportion of people who say they have experienced coronavirus symptoms in each state in the US.

COVID-19 antibody testing in L.A. County: You’re going to be testing a randomly selected group of roughly 1,000 people every few weeks for several months. Why?

At least two people who died in early and mid-February had contracted the novel coronavirus, health officials in California said Tuesday, signaling the virus may have spread — and been fatal — in the United States weeks earlier than previously thought.

On Jan. 15, at the international airport south of Seattle, a 35-year-old man returned from a visit to his family in the Wuhan region. He grabbed his luggage and booked a ride-share to his home north of the city. The next day, as he went back to his tech job east of Seattle, he felt the first signs of a cough — not a bad one, not enough to send him home. He attended a group lunch with colleagues that week at a seafood restaurant near his office. As his symptoms got worse, he went grocery shopping near his home. Days later, after the man became the first person in the United States to test positive for the coronavirus, teams from federal, state and local agencies descended to contain the case. Sixty-eight people — the ride-share driver at the airport, the lunchmates at the seafood restaurant, the other patients at the clinic where the man was first seen — were monitored for weeks. To everyone’s relief, none ever tested positive for the virus. But if the story ended there… […] A genetically similar version of the virus — directly linked to that first case in Washington — was identified across 14 other states, as far away as Connecticut and Maryland. It settled in other parts of the world, in Australia, Mexico, Iceland, Canada, the United Kingdom and Uruguay. It landed in the Pacific, on the Grand Princess cruise ship. The unique signature of the virus that reached America’s shores in Seattle now accounts for a quarter of all U.S. cases made public by genomic sequencers in the United States. […] Even as the path of the Washington State version of the virus was coursing eastward, new sparks from other strains were landing in New York, in the Midwest and in the South. And then they all began to intermingle. […] on Feb. 24, a teenager came into a clinic with what looked like the flu. The clinic was in Snohomish County, where the man who had traveled to China lived. […] Only later did they learn that the teenager had not had the flu, but the coronavirus. […] The case was consistent with being a direct descendant of the first U.S. case, from Wuhan. […] The teenager had not been in contact with the man who had traveled to Wuhan, so far as anyone knew. He had fallen ill long after that man was no longer contagious. […] This could only mean one thing: The virus had not been contained to the traveler from Wuhan and had been spreading for weeks. [NY Times]

America’s armed forces can do more to protect against future outbreaks. Here’s how.

The Subways Seeded the Massive Coronavirus Epidemic in New York City and the paper cites no evidence.

The Entire U.S. Box Office This Weekend Came From a Single Florida Drive-in Theater

The [European Union] funds were distributed under a formula that sent far more to Hungary and Poland than to virus-ravaged Spain or Italy.

IKEA Released Its Swedish Meatball Recipe

Best ways of cooking veggies for maximum immunity boosting, and more

a mutation in the ABCC11 gene could explain why a large fraction of the population in the Far East lack body odour formation.

Flaw in iPhone, iPads may have allowed hackers to steal data for years

Air pollution, testicles, farts, stool, sanitizers

Air pollution may be ‘key contributor’ to Covid-19 deaths. Research shows almost 80% of deaths across four countries were in most polluted regions.

We found that when the person said “stay healthy,” numerous droplets ranging from 20 to 500 μm were generated

Parents name their baby ‘Sanitiser’

Out of Spain’s 40,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, 5,400 — nearly 14 percent — are medical professionals. In France, the public hospital system in Paris has tallied 490 infected staff members, a small but growing proportion of the system’s 100,000 or so employees.

France: By 11 May, when interventions are scheduled to be eased, we project 3.7 million (range: 2.3-6.7) people, 5.7% of the population, will have been infected. Population immunity appears insufficient to avoid a second wave if all control measures are released at the end of the lockdown.

Swedish data again - hospitalisations slowing down without full lockdown. Though definitely worse than other nearby countries who reacted more aggressively eg Norway

predictions [for Stockholm] show that the peak of infections appear in mid-April and infections start settling in May.

Testicles may make men more vulnerable to coronavirus

The duration of SARS-CoV-2 is significantly longer in stool samples than in respiratory and serum samples, highlighting the need to strengthen the management of stool samples in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the virus persists longer with higher load and peaks later in the respiratory tissue of patients with severe disease.

More US labs could be providing tests for coronavirus (Nearly 1,600 said that they had the main tool needed to run tests, 130 are running tests)

Stock prices are not reflecting the value of companies and the S&P 500 could fall hard and fast, in a miniature version of Monday’s oil rout (when WTI crude futures fell from $17.85 a barrel to -$37.63) after a 25% rally since March 23.

Can the coronavirus be spread through farts?

we did not find compelling evidence that women are particularly inclined to wear red or pink during peak fertility, even on relatively cold days.

when experiencing the love condition, the temperature of the nasal tip of the subjects increased

Bilingualism Affords No General Cognitive Advantages

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Experts say vast deserts, absence of life, may indicate Mars was once run by conservatives

Suppression of COVID-19 outbreak in the municipality of Vo, Italy (43.2% of the confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infections detected were asymptomatic)

The fact that an infected child did not transmit the disease despite close interactions within schools suggests potential different transmission dynamics in children.

COVID-19 Outbreak Associated with Air Conditioning in Restaurant, Guangzhou, China, 2020

Is the Virus on My Clothes? My Shoes? My Hair? My Newspaper? (You’ll feel better after reading this.)

The Pentagon has extended its freeze on domestic and international movement of troops through June 30 due to the coronavirus crisis. The freeze was originally set to expire on May 11.

Internet icons Jim Clark and Tom Jermoluk (past founders of Netscape, Silicon Graphics and @Home Network) launched a solution that eliminates all passwords.

Possible Dinosaur DNA Has Been Found

We travel around Australia taking photos of Chinese restaurants in suburban regional and rural areas.

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3.jpgNudists warned by police to cover up their mouths for coronavirus

Coronavirus could attack immune system like HIV by targeting protective cells, warn scientists

The virus seems to have binary properties: not very contageous under most circumstances, but highly contagious in others.

Three novel alphacoronaviruses and three novel betacoronaviruses were detected for the first time in bats in Myanmar. Ongoing land use change remains a prominent driver of zoonotic disease emergence in Myanmar, bringing humans into ever closer contact with wildlife, and justifying continued surveillance and vigilance at broad scales.

What is required to prevent a second major outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 upon lifting the quarantine of Wuhan city, China [PDF | Cell.com]

Study suggests extending school and workplace closures in Wuhan until April, rather than March, would likely delay a second wave of cases until later in the year, relieving pressure on health services [LSHTM]

Changes in sleep pattern, sense of time, and digital media use during COVID-19 lockdown in Italy

Italian mayor uses drones to tell people to stay home under coronavirus lockdown

Usually, a mortgage company can withstand a few borrowers failing to make payments, but the breadth of the coronavirus pandemic has sparked industry estimates of between 25 and 50 percent of borrowers being unable to pay. [Politico]

The stimulus allows the Trump administration to loan $349 billion to small businesses without naming the companies receiving the loans. [Washington Post]

If you think people were upset about bailing out banks where the CEOs were making $50m a year, how are they going to feel about bailing out private equity firms where the CEOs make $500m a year? [Financial Times]

Amazon and Walmart are hiring a combined 250,000 workers to keep up with demand

How the Virus Transformed the Way Americans Spend Their Money

Benefits of exercise on metabolism: more profound than previously reported This reinforces the mandate for exercise as a critical part of programmes to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The present findings generate the hypothesis that moderate total meat consumption and notably, red meat may be more beneficial to prevent depressed mood and in turn hard cardiovascular disease endpoints.

Eat at Jeff Burger

Children with heavy exposure to screens exhibit similar social skills trajectories compared to children with little exposure to screens. There is a notable exception—social skills are lower for children who access online gaming and social networking many times a day.

Research indicates that women with tattoos are evaluated more negatively than women without tattoos on numerous qualities. Further, men perceive better chances for sexual success with tattooed women than those without visible tattoos. […] Among tattooed women alone, several personality and tattooing variables predicted sexual openness. [Sexuality & Culture]

This Man Owns The World’s Most Advanced Private Air Force

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Study shows that listening to music everyday improves mental health

51.jpgThe preference for scarce things appears in children at age 5, suggesting it is neither grounded in evolution nor in experiences with the market.

Stability of women’s facial shape throughout the menstrual cycle

We will look into why the Internet as an informational resource currently fails to enhance cognition

Where there are girls, there are cats [The initial research interest was the negative impact free-range cats have had on the local wild-life in China—a problem that is similarly severe in Australia where many native bird species are under the threat of extinction due to cats, killing more than a million birds per day]

In November 1970, officials in Oregon, USA decided to blow up a rotting whale carcass. The whole thing went horribly wrong. [MyDoncaster]

Morbid curiosity is typically described as curiosity about unpleasant things, especially death. The commercial success of horror films, popularity of true crime shows, and prevalence of violence in the news implies that the average person possesses some degree of morbid curiosity. The goal of the current study was to create and validate a psychometric tool for measuring trait morbid curiosity. […] Morbid curiosity was most closely related to rebellious non-conformity and animal reminder disgust, suggesting that propensity to be morbidly curious is related to defying cultural conventions and not fearing the certainty of death.

Number 58 Joralemon Street [Brooklyn, NY] is not like the other houses. Behind its blacked out windows, no one is at home; no one has been at home for more than 100 years. In fact, number 58 is not a home at all, but a secret subway exit and ventilation point disguised as a Greek Revival brownstone. [Messy Nessy Chic]

A team of researchers at Stanford University developed a prototype smart toilet with four cameras that can identify users based on their “analprint.”

The use of liquid manure storage facilities poses several serious threats

A mountable toilet system for personalized health monitoring via the analysis of excreta

Lifesaving organs for transplant go missing in transit

Zuckerberg’s Jealousy Held Back Instagram and Drove Off Founders

A Hacker Found a Way to Take Over Any Apple Webcam

ll of Alfred Hitchcock’s 37 cameos in his own films [stills]

Live View at a Waterhole in the Gondwana Namib Park [Fette Sans]

Write a letter to the Future

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the legend that there is a baby boom nine months after any natural disaster has been debunked, repeatedly

If we do the testing of every single case, rapid isolation of the cases, you should be able to keep cases down low. If you simply rely on the big shut down measures without finding every case, then every time you take the brakes off, it could come back in waves. So that future frankly, may be determined by us and our response as much as the virus.

“If 30% of the population has already been exposed to this then that number will go to 70% in two weeks,” James said. Assuming that having the disease left you with immunity to it, the crisis would then be as good as over

If you have a smartphone, you’re probably contributing to a massive coronavirus surveillance system. And it’s revealing where Americans have — and haven’t — been practicing social distancing. A company called Unacast that collects and analyzes phone GPS location data launched a “Social Distancing Scoreboard” that grades, county by county, which residents are changing behavior at the urging of health officials. It uses the reduction in the total distance we travel as a rough index for whether we’re staying put at home. Comparing the nation’s mass movements from March 20 to an average Friday, Washington, D.C., gets an A, while Wyoming as a whole earns an F. [Washington Post]

A new study of the inner workings of our muscles finds that if muscles have been trained in the past, they seem to develop a molecular memory of working out that lingers through a prolonged period of inactivity, and once we start training again, this “muscle memory” could speed the process by which we regain our former muscular strength and size. [NY Times]

3D printed adapter to turn snorkeling mask into a non-invasive ventilator

How did such a simple thing as soap and warm water — and alcohol-based sanitizers — obtain such power over these parasites?

in other news:

Keeping a smartphone in hand and frequent checking is associated with extraversion and poorer performance on tests of sustained attention and general intelligence, particularly semantic reasoning.

according to a new study, many people will reject their own arguments - if they’re tricked into thinking that other people proposed them

we argue that, at times, the desire to appear honest can actually lead people to lie.

The Liar’s Walk: Detecting Deception with Gait and Gesture

Switzerland has voted as many times as all of the other countries in the world put together in the past century.

Things you can do with a browser in 2020

Where Did “Tibetan” Singing Bowls Really Come From?

Warhol’s Photo of a Painting of a Photo

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441.jpgA scientific meeting on coronaviruses was cancelled due to coronavirus

Chinese criminal gangs are spreading swine fever using drones to force farmers to sell pigs cheaply so they can profit

Live Facial Recognition Is Coming to U.S. Police Body Cameras

Banjo is applying artificial intelligence to government-owned surveillance and traffic cameras across the entire state of Utah to tell police about “anomalies.”

This dissertation examines how first impressions influence decision-making, why people persistently rely on first impressions, and how the influence of first impressions can be reduced.

Tilting the face upward increased dominance and decreased physical attractiveness

Amazon is now selling its cashierless store technology to other retailers

Each year, about 15% of queries on Google have never been searched for before. Other search engines like Bing will not have the same access to these queries, putting Google in a powerful position of being able to better train its algorithms and provide more accurate search results than its rivals.

In addition to more than 2,200 law enforcement agencies, Clearview’s software had been sold to companies in 27 countries, including major U.S. retailers such as Macy’s, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Reduction of Facebook use increased life satisfaction, enhanced the level of physical activity, reduced depressive symptoms and smoking behavior

Delayed negative effects of prosocial spending [donation] on happiness

This review provides time-dose and activity-type evidence for programs looking to use time in nature as a preventative measure for stress and mental health strain

The present study examines the differences between users and non-users of mobile-based dating applications, along with individual user experiences.

the majority of popular films—including films aimed toward children—have at least one torture scene

Dogs poop in alignment with Earth’s magnetic field, study finds

You can breathe in harmful chemicals from tobacco use even in non-smoking venues because they are carried on smokers’ bodies and clothes.

Consumers seem unable to identify their preferred lager beer in a blind taste.

Color preference in the insane: In every group of hospital patients examined blue was found to be the most pleasing color. Green was a distant second and red a close third, with violet, yellow and orange fourth, fifth and sixth.

How Mount Everest became a multimillion-dollar business

For nearly two decades leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence Benjamin Franklin lived in London in a house at 36 Craven Street. In 1776, Franklin left his English home to come back to America. More than 200 years later, 15 bodies were found in the basement, buried in a secret, windowless room beneath the garden.

The User Interface Design Process

A prototype of the Nintendo Play Station, a console that never came to market, fetched $360,000 at an auction

The Go Bag