Every day, the same, again

1342.jpgTeen dressed as banana, carrying AK-47, detained by police

Norwegian 10-year old takes parents’ car to visit grandparents, claims he’s a dwarf

People who consider themselves very religious and view Internet porn even once may perceive they are addicted, according to a new study.

Alcohol intoxication facilitates creative problem solving

Evidence is mounting that medication for ADHD doesn’t make a lasting difference to schoolwork or achievement.

Hagger-Johnson et al. note a correlation between reaction times (doing a button press as quickly as possible after a light flashes on a computer screen) and mortality in 5,145 adults.

Special glasses help surgeons ’see’ cancer

‘Lung In A Box’ Keeps Organs Breathing Before Transplants

Raindrops shaped like hamburger bun, scientists discover and Weight of water per acre from one inch of rain

The human brain has adapted to react to emoticons in the same way we would to expressions on real human faces, new research suggests. Previously: Nabokov, 1969: I often think there should exist a special typographical sign for a smile.

What’s the relationship between perceived eccentricity and valuation of art?

The Geography of European Surnames

The top 100 most searched for out-of-print books in 2013

1 Million Followers Cost $600 And The State Department Buys 2 Million Facebook Likes

Illegal Subway Signs Show NY Commuters How To Nail The Transfer

Mathematicians calculate that there are 177,147 ways to knot a tie

When looking into a mirror, why is left-right reversed, but not up-down? An enigma.

The Benefits of Demon Possession

Custom Shia LaBeouf vehicle wrap on my mom’s ‘97 Honda Accord


Secret Meat, Tunnel